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We believe in quality as the fundamental characteristic of our work here at CloudTree

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Patient Self Care Tools

CloudTree is investing in the development of patient self management/self care tools in particular for patients with chronic conditions. Our mobile applications assists patients not just on their medical problems but on their daily lives too.

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Decision Support Systems

CloudTree implements full requirement gathering, design, development and test life cycle of decision support systems and tools. Integration with existing systems and transition from previous versions are also provided.

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System Analysis

One of our specialities at CloudTree is system analysis for effectiveness and efficiency of workflow and processes. Alternative approaches with minimal changes are suggested when and where necessary to optimise resources and save cost.


Health Data Analysis

Accuracy and reliability are the core components of data handling at CloudTree. Data extraction, aggregation, validation, visualisation and analysis are provided by CloudTree.

Ongoing Projects

We dedicate a personal attention to each project we work on.


Since 2015, CloudTree has been in charge of design and development of iPCRN practice level audit tools and determining the requirement of local register and finder tools for Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) . This involves requirement analysis, data analysis, data visualisation, and cloud programming in multiple health IT projects. These projects include Asthma, Cardiovascular, Physical Health of patients with Enduring Mental Illness (PHEMI), Dementia and Making Every Consultation Count (MECC).

Autism Community for Assisting Decision Making (ACADeMy)

At CloudTree, we are currently undertaking research and development to establish and improve our self management/self care tool to assist people with autism, health professionals and care givers in their daily decisions. At the same time we are studing the usability of ACADeMy platform for similar conditions specially in kids.

Our team

Our team of experts:

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Dr Amin Mousavi

Chief Executive Officer

Amin has over 18 years of experience in initiating and advising IT businesses. He completed his PhD at the Cork University Business School, UCC. His PhD research was focused on requirement determination of information systems assisting parents of children with autism in decision making. Amin is specialised in business analysis, multidisciplinary R&D and system design.

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Dr Atieh Zarabzadeh

Chief Technical Officer

Atieh has over 14 years of experience in design and development of health IT solutions. She completed her PhD in the area of Health Informatics in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Her previous projects involved monitoring elder patients with chronic conditions, connected health solutions for patients with dementia, early warning systems, and clinical prediction rules. Atieh is specialised in developing health IT solutions.

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